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Atwater Village Recommends Cyclists’ Bill of Rights

11 July 2008

Last night the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council (AVNC) voted 10-2-1 in favor of a motion to approve and recommend the Bike Writers Collective’s (BWC) Cyclists’ Bill of Rights (CBoR) to Los Angeles City Council members Eric Garcetti (President of the LA City Council and representative of the Thirteenth District) and Tom LaBonge (representative of the Fourth District).

Only Lenore Solis, Church/Religious Representative and local realty agent, and Luis Lopez, Community Group/Non-profit Representative and owner of Luis Lopez Automotive, voted against the motion. During the member comments section Solis expressed concerned that the CBoR would give cyclists the right to ride on the freeway and she argued that the CBoR was too broad, specifically 5, “the right to routine accommodations in all roadway projects and improvements,” and 9, “the right to full access for themselves and their bicycles on all mass transit with no limitations.” Lopez argued that the CBoR would give cyclists “too much leverage” on future Council decisions and that the Council shouldn’t recommend the CBoR because they don’t know if the people they are representing would approve. WTF? But is it really a surprise that the Catholic and the Capitalist voted against the CBoR. What an explosive failure of a representative democratic plutocracy at the local level.

But the motion still passed. Let’s celebrate our communities success.

Stephen Box, Enci Box, and I (representing the BWC) along with Elson Trinidad (East Hollywood Neighborhood Council (EHNC) member President) and Eduardo Magos (EHNC District 9 Representative) spoke in favor of the CBoR.

The AVNC is the third Neighborhood Council to support the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights after The EHNC (unanimous) and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.

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