Red Bull Presents: Culture Clash

Red Bull Presents: Culture Clash | LA

The first time I saw the flyer on the Internet for this I knew it was going to kill. SMOG?! Stones Throw?! Dub Club?! And . . . I almost forgot Dim Mak (I’m just giving you guys a hard time). Plus it was going down at Exchange LA: a venue that every one in Los Angeles should see at least once. It’s like The Colosseum. The collectives were on ridiculously small stages in four corners like a boxing ring without ropes, surrounded by a second, and smaller, third level looking down in to the pit. One side of the third level had snacks, yum. It was crowded enough. Not impossible to get around, but tons of heads. Thanks Red Bull and Exchange LA for putting on a stellar event, the door was never crowded and easy to get through, security wasn’t crackin’ heads, tight.

Red Bull Presents: Culture Clash | SMOG

Now for the drama. First off, No disrespect to Stones Throw, but I think the decibel meter at Exchange LA might need some recalibration because, from my perspective, near the Stones Throw stage, the crowd over there at the SMOG stage sounded much louder and fiercer. I mean shit, people were shitting their pants, stomping their feet, it sounded like an earthquake train coming to tear it down. And as soon as Stones Throw put on their last set, everybody left. Hate me, I wanted to hear some crowd pleasing Dub Step. It’s impossible to say now, but I bet if SMOG would have officially won, more people would have stayed, and their set would have blown the roof off. Secondly, No disrespect to Stones Throw, I just don’t think you guys won.

Red Bull Presents: Culture Clash | Juakali

Love to everyone, the event was mad.

Red Bull Presents: Culture Clash | SMOG

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