Local LA Blogger Cyclists in Uproar Over Award

On May 22 the League of American Bicyclists gave the city of Santa Monica a bronze level distinction, what ever that is. Local blogger cyclists have field day:

SoapBox LA offers history of the League of American Bicyclists and calls the award “superficial.” Gary Rides Bikes nearly dies cycling to a rent a movie. BikingInLA sez, WTF, “it takes more than just infrastructure and good intentions to truly be bicycle friendly.” Westside BikeSIDE sez, “Next time cyclists complain stridently of the trials of riding bikes in Santa Monica, officials and staff will point to the award and remark that our own people disagree with us.” And Sean Bonner at LA Metblogs praises the work of investigative blogging that it takes to expose the bullshit bronze level distinction.

Where’s the bizarro-award seal of shitty streets without planned infrastructure award?

Do you have a near death cycling expierience?

If the LAB gave awards for coolest, funnest, hippest bike scene would LA get a gold or a platinum level distinction?

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3 Responses to “Local LA Blogger Cyclists in Uproar Over Award”

  1. garyse7en Says:

    If LA was up for a cycling scene award, I think we should get platinum, at least based on my experience seeing New York and San Fransisco, both big cycling cities. As for actual bicycle friendliness as they say, L.A. deserves nothing, and Santa Monica an honorable mention at best.

  2. Submitted without comment — they drive among us « BikingInLA Says:

    […] points out that here in L.A., paint on the street doesn’t seem to be a priority. Mikey Walley joins the chorus of cyclists decrying Santa Monica’s bronze award from the LAB; Metblogs and Curbed LA pick up the story. In […]

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