My Only Bicycle was Stolen after I was Jumped at Transistor

My only bike (it has risers on it now) was stolen tonight outside of Transistor after I was beat up by a group of guys. I don’t have a car, my only mode of transportation is my bicycle. Blah blah blah.

I saw my friend being pushed, I tried to talk people down, but quickly realized that I was just making the group louder, bigger, and rowdier, so I walked away and did some track stands by myself watching what was going on. Some people started throwing punches and shit. Blah blah blah.

After it calmed down, I yelled out loud, in typical Mikey Wally fashion, that anyone, MY FRIEND’S OR NOT, that threw any punches, was a pussy and they should leave because they were ruining the even for everyone. I made my case clear that I wanted nothing to do with either side.

Then the some guy came up and asked me one of those, “are you trying to start shit,” things, and I said, “no,” and then I got punched in the face, and then a big guy grabbed my around then neck, and then a bunch of guys started punching me. I didn’t throw any punches because I thought If I held out they wouldn’t give a shit and give up, which they did.

None of the punches hit me that good. I came out with a bruised face, and a bloody lip, but without my bicycle.

After I was punched I only had one way out down the alley. If I would have walked toward my bicycle I think I would have caused more fighting. So I left and, begrudgingly, called the police. After I flagged them down and got back to Transistor, my bike was gone.

I want my bicycle back, but I don’t want a war.

I have seen these guys many times before in different places. They look familiar and I know I’m going to see them again.

I also know people are going to see my bike? Hopefully . . . ? I want my bike back.

If you have any information, please help me out. Like I said, I don’t have a car. Like I didn’t say, that bike meant more than I can say right now. Part of me is gone. I don’t want to get “beat up,” over losing a possession, but my bicycle was a means for me to express myself. It was my favorite way to express myself and I’m really sad. Now my trackpad is all fucked up because I cried on it. Help me out if you can, any info. or if you know me a little better you have my number.

I also posted on Midnight Ridazz and LA Fixed.


That’s is my bike, but it was stolen with a short stem, risers with red grips, a Brooks saddle, MKS sylvan peddles with Soma double straps, and a virgin mary sticker on the top tube.


17 Responses to “My Only Bicycle was Stolen after I was Jumped at Transistor”

  1. Will Campbell Says:

    Oh shit man Mikey. I saw your post on Twitter and hoped this was some sort of joke. Obviously I don’t know you well enough to wonder why you’d go and say what you did and put yourself at the center of those pricks’ attentions, but I’m glad you weren’t hurt any worse physically and I’m sending out positive vibes that your emotional wounds are soon healed with a Mikey/Bikey reunion.

  2. ipso d fatso Says:

    damn man,,, i’ll be on the look out.

  3. Homegrown Evolution Says:

    Damn! I’ll keep an eye out for your bike. Hope you’re ok today.

  4. Gary K. Says:

    That royally sucks man. So sorry to hear this. Hope you get it back somehow. And I’m glad you weren’t hurt anymore then you were.

  5. Flying Punches, a Bruised Lip, and a Stolen Bike Says:

    […] Then the some guy came up and asked me one of those, “are you trying to start shit,” things, and I said, “no,” and then I got punched in the face, and then a big guy grabbed my around then neck, and then a bunch of guys started punching me.Continue to read Mikey’s story and see the photo of his bike […]

  6. Enci Says:

    Really sorry to hear this Mikey. We put the word out on MySpace, Facebook and on iLA and we hope your bike will turn up! Let us know if you need anything!

  7. ubrayj02 Says:

    Mikey – that SUCKS!

    I hope that you heal up.

    Big groups of dudes love little more than finding someone to beat on for any reason. It only takes one or two punches each from six or seven guys to mess you up. They risk almost nothing by doing it, and the one person getting beaten up pays a big price for getting in their way.

    I hate the math involved in being the one guy getting beat up.

  8. Bike Girl Says:

    I have a bike you can use in the meantime. It may be kinda small for you though. 48cm

  9. Mikey Wally Says:

    you guys are too sweet!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Mikey, this is terrible and I’m so sorry to hear it.

  11. bikinginla Says:

    Sorry to hear about the bike, but I’m more concerned about you. You sure you’re okay? Bikes can be replaced; people can’t. Hope you’re feeling better, and get your bike back soon.

  12. Cycling with a pale rider « BikingInLA Says:

    […] I’m going to need if I ever want to try riding to work. Mikey Wally tries to make peace, and ends up getting punched and his bike stolen by some jerk — keep your eyes open for a black fixie with an unidentified jackass on the saddle. Town Mouse […]

  13. Jayde Grenade Says:

    damn man. are you building a new one at all? we’ll totally send you anything we got if you don’t mind some interesting colors…

  14. Mikey Wally Says:

    thanks for all the support guys, you’re the best!

  15. Rick Cook Says:

    Sorry to hear about your encounter Mikey. If you could send me a description of the punks that did this. I ride a bike to work too(Well, used to anyway). But I rarelly get any static, cause of my size(I’m a big guy ride riding a custom beach cruiser).

  16. David Jetelina Says:

    Hello Mikey,
    Very sorry to hear about the loss. Had the same thing happen to me a few months ago (bike loss w/o all the punches). I develop software, so I decided to do something about it. Created . Please email me your mailing address & I will forward a Decal Kit to you. Will not help w/ this loss, but will cause the bad guys LOTS of grief should this happen again in the future.
    All the best,
    David J.
    admin at

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