Considering the Flickr Account that got me Fired, this is Doubly Interesting

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6 Responses to “Considering the Flickr Account that got me Fired, this is Doubly Interesting”

  1. Alex Thompson Says:

    So, when are you gonna write about your firing. Put another way, Franz and you are both mostly unemployed, so what’s holding you back? Franz has worked up a case of Herpes Simplex ABCDEFG to show for his joblessness.

  2. Simply Not Says:

    Regardless of author’s intention, the object/subject is NOT the person, but an inanimate object. However, missed opportunity. Good cinematography, interesting female face, but unfortunately second character (camera) has no voice, lacks soul. Either ditch the camera concept and concentrate on the young lady or give the camera some much needed soul and only then can you consider this short clip a complete thought. Right now it looks like an idea that was aborted at the hands of a person who knows better.

    To infuse this dead character with the breath of life in such a short time requires imagination. You have it, so get to work!


    Thought Becomes Flesh

  3. Simply Not Says:

    Oops! I retake everything! Since you are not the author, everything DOES NOT APPLY!

  4. SoapBoxLA Says:

    I’m with Alex. I’m waiting to hear how you fought Corporate America and got caught holding Luddite seances in the backroom or whatever idealistic and righteous Apple policy violation brought down the wrath of Jobs.

  5. mikeywally Says:

    one of my housemates is unemployed, and so is dan now too. im just following the crowd on this one.

  6. เพลงใหม่ mp3 Says:

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